Supported Living

Our team has significant expertise in dealing with supported living projects, having been advising clients in this niche area for a number of years, now.

Whether you are looking to repurpose existing accommodation or are providing purpose-built facilities, we are able to assist your needs.

These complex transactions often bring together a range of parties including funds, Registered Providers, the local authority, the care provider, the occupational tenant, the developer and (where relevant) the current owner of the property.

We deal with the suite of documents needed to underpin such matters in a pragmatic, efficient and thorough manner and aim to build up a good relationship with the other parties’ lawyers, to help facilitate the smooth progress of a project.

Often, we find that a target property may have been subject to limited due diligence in the past and there are certain legal issues to manage, such as restrictive covenants potentially prohibiting supported living use. Our team of highly experienced lawyers are adept at highlighting and managing matters of concern at an early stage, providing cost-effective solutions.

Our expertise includes:

  • drafting, negotiating and agreeing the sale and purchase legal paperwork (and where necessary, the sub-sale documentation);
  • agreeing leases that are compatible with the requirements of the Registered Provider, as well as meeting the needs of the fund;
  • advising on service level agreements and nominations agreements;
  • preparing and negotiating conditional contracts;
  • considering construction documentation;
  • working on arrangements for the determination of Housing Benefit;
  • advising on planning issues.

Above all, we go the extra mile for our clients in the service we offer.

For further information about our range of legal services for care homes and assisted living providers, please contact Guy Morgan on 01722 426931, or submit an online enquiry form and the relevant member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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