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Employment Alert – working safely during coronavirus – guidance for workplaces from 19 July 2021


Working safely during coronavirus – guidance for workplaces from 19 July 2021

What’s happening?

The government has published new guidance for businesses aimed at helping employers reopen their workplaces in England from 19 July 2021.

The existing 14 guides have been condensed into six new guides:

Why is this important?

This is the biggest change to the restrictions on working since early 2020.

Key points in the guidance include the following:

  • Social distancing requirements will no longer apply. However, employers should try and reduce the number of people in contact with one another.
  • Face coverings will no longer be required by law. But employers should encourage their use in enclosed and crowded spaces.
  • There will no longer be a requirement to work from home but the government expects a gradual return over the summer.

What should you do?

  • Employers should discuss the timing and phasing of a return to work with their staff.
  • Employers should consider concerns raised by their employees and, where possible, address them. Particular care should be taken with those employees who have not been offered two vaccine doses or who are clinically extremely vulnerable.
  • Employers must continue to comply with statutory health and safety requirements, conduct appropriate risk assessments and implement any identified steps to manage risks.
  • Employers should clearly communicate their policy on working safely including their approach to face coverings, social distancing, and what happens if an employee is contacted via “Test and Trace”.

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