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Trethowans launch ‘one couple, one lawyer’ service for a more amicable way to divorce

Kim and Grant

Trethowans solicitors has launched a new service for divorcing couples. Adopting the ‘Resolution Together’ method, it is a one couple, one lawyer approach to divorce.

Resolution Together gives a separating couple a non-confrontational and more cost-effective way to divorce, by allowing them to instruct the same lawyer.

Partner Kimberley Davies said, “This is a relatively new option for couples facing divorce or separation. Following the Resolution Together model, our specially trained experts can offer advice to both parties. This is  much more amicable and means the couple can come together to meet with a single lawyer and gain the advice they need to help them reach an agreement on any issues they may face. They divorce together.

“We will act in the interest of both parties to come up with a mutually beneficial resolution on matters such as the divorce application itself, finances, or arrangements for children. Once an overall understanding is reached, we can also draw up and submit all the legal documents for the couple so that they end up with something legally binding and enforceable.

“For those considering Resolution Together, Trethowans can help you decide if this service is right for you. If it is not, then you will know from the beginning and can look at other methods.

“Some of the benefits to couples using Resolution Together include:

  • It is much more amicable. You will be working to find a solution for your family, together, rather than each of you taking “sides”. This is particularly important when the couple have children and ongoing relationships.
  • This service is more cost effective than each of you having separate lawyers. With one family lawyer only, the legal costs are likely to be less than if two lawyers were instructed.
  • The service is more efficient than traditional methods such as solicitor negotiation and court proceedings. By meeting your lawyer together and receiving open advice an agreement can be reached far quicker.

If you would like to know more about one couple one lawyer divorce, please reach out to Kimberley Davies on 01202 339028 or [email protected]

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