Collaborative Approach

We have lawyers specially trained in Collaborative Law who can help you reach a peaceful decision with a former partner following separation, without going to Court. Make the most of a 30 minute free consultation at one of our offices in Salisbury, Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth, Winchester or London (by appointment only).

What is Collaborative Law?

A collaborative approach using Collaborative Law is another option for resolving issues arising from separation or divorce, where both former partners commit to not taking their problems to Court.

You each instruct a collaboratively trained lawyer and the four of you sit round a table together and, with the support of your lawyers, find a solution.

What are the benefits of a collaborative approach?

  • You and your partner retain control of your own outcome.
  • Everything is discussed round a table and no letters are sent via lawyers that could delay or inflame the situation.
  • We engage third parties such as family therapists or independent financial advisors within the process to help you both find a solution.
  • If you have children then, during this process, we will help you build a good foundation for a positive post separation parenting relationship.
  • Throughout the process you will have one of our specially trained collaborative lawyers by your side to assist you and help you communicate effectively.

View our Collaborative Law FAQs for answers to questions you may have, or contact us on 0800 2800 421.

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