Road traffic accident – car crash

Mr H was involved in a road traffic accident. The accident occurred early one morning when Mr H was driving along Salisbury Road out of Totton.

The vehicle in front of Mr H stopped in the road in order to turn right and therefore Mr H stopped behind the car, leaving a good distance between his vehicle and the vehicle in front of him. As Mr H was waiting for the car in front of him to turn right the Defendant driving behind Mr H drove her vehicle into the back of Mr H’s vehicle. It was estimated that the Defendant was travelling at approximately 50 miles per hour at the time of the accident.

Liability was admitted at an early stage. Court proceedings were commenced due to the expiry of the 3 year limitation period so that Mr H could continue to pursue his personal injury claim.

As a result of the accident Mr H sustained orthopaedic injuries to his neck and back. He also sustained psychological injuries. The Orthopaedic Consultant advising in this case advised that Mr H should see a Pain Consultant for his ongoing symptoms and this was arranged during the claim. The Psychiatric Consultant advising in this case advised that Mr H should have psychological treatment which was also arranged during the course of the claim.

During the claim we secured an interim payment from the Defendant’s insurers for our client to pay for the pain consultation and psychological treatment.

We successfully negotiated a settlement of £28,600 to compensate Mr H for his injuries, pain and suffering and also his past and future financial losses as a result of the accident.