Road traffic accident – whiplash and injury

Mr B sought our advice following a road traffic accident on a Ministry of Defence (MOD) base in Germany. Mr B had sustained a whiplash injury with associated headaches together with a soft tissue injury to his right knee.

At the time of the accident Mr B was stationary on his motorbike in a one-way street. He noticed a military vehicle stopped at the top of the one-way street. This vehicle started to reverse down the street in the wrong direction. Mr B waited presuming that the vehicle would stop however it failed to do so and hit Mr B. He was knocked from his motorbike.

The MOD were vicariously liable for the negligent driving of their employee. The MOD admitted liability at an early stage and therefore our investigations were confined to the value of Mr B’s claim. (Even though this accident occurred in Germany, as it happened on a MOD base the law of England and Wales was applicable).

A GP expert was initially instructed to produce a report in this matter. However the GP expert deferred Mr B’s prognosis to an orthopaedic spinal surgeon as our client’s ongoing symptoms were complicated by a pre-existing condition.

After declining the MOD’s offer of £2,000 by way of full and final settlement we settled Mr B’s claim for £10,000 in April 2011.

Mr B’s comments after the case settled:-

“Once again, thanks for all of your help and advice during the conduct of this case, your Firm can take a pride in the way you have represented them”.