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Family Mediation Week – Resources available in the mediation process to empower separating couples


Mediation does not just help clients reach important decisions about their children and their financial circumstances. It can also help clients address wider issues and concerns, and can ‘signpost’ separating couples to resources that can help them feel empowered with additional knowledge relating to their circumstances.

Choosing the right mediator

Your mediator will have undertaken specific and rigorous training, so that they are able to assist you in an impartial and pragmatic way, but it is also important that you find a mediator that you both feel comfortable with.

All mediators will provide an initial individual appointment so that you can get to know each other, assess whether mediation is right way forward and ultimately feel comfortable with the process moving forward.

Within the mediation session the mediator will work with you to collate figures, brainstorm ideas and record options that could be available to the parties.

During the session, some mediators may use online resources to look up useful information, such as what one party’s child maintenance obligation would be, or what properties are on the market in a specific location.

What additional resources can be utilised during mediation?

Mediators can also refer to resources for separating couples to utilise outside of the mediation session. These could be providing more information on:

  1. How to effectively co-parent and support your children through separation – there are courses available such as the Separated Parents Information Programme, which can help to focus the parents’ minds on keeping the children at the heart of any discussions, and this can promote more effective discussions in a mediation session.
  2. How to communicate with each other outside of mediation – there are various apps available to parents which can help them communicate in a positive way with each other. Some of these apps even involve older teenage children, so that they can upload photos and the family can share their calendars with each other.
  3. Financial resources – where separating couples can find out more about what state benefits they may be entitled to, highlighting whether consideration needs to be given (and potential advice needs to be sought) in relation to tax issues, or perhaps indicating where they can access help to manage their debts.

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