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No Win, No Fee, Asbestos Claims


Trethowans are one of the leading personal injury in the UK helping claim millions of pounds a year for our clients.

Our legal team are experts in asbestos claims with over 20 years of experience in getting our clients the compensation they deserve.


If you have been diagnosed with asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos during your lifetime, our specialist solicitors can help you make a claim.


Our resident asbestosis solicitors, led by John Hall, can provide compassionate, knowledgeable legal support for you and your family during what we know is a difficult time. With over 20 years’ experience, John has helped clients all over the UK to get the compensation they are owed quickly and without complication.


We are proud to offer legal support for asbestosis claims on a ‘no win no fee basis’. That means you won’t need to pay us a penny unless your claim is successful. We also do not deduct a success fee, which means that you always receive the full compensation amount you are due.

  • At Trethowans, our asbestos lawyers operate on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This means that you won’t have to pay anything unless your asbestos claim is successful. Unlike many other asbestos solicitors, we also do not deduct a success fee, which means that you are entitled to receive 100% of your compensation.

  • It is very rare for asbestos to go all the way to court although our specialist lawyers will routinely issue proceedings in the Royal Courts of Justice (High Court) asbestos list to keep cases moving forwards quickly.

  • As a general rule, you have three years from the moment of being diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease to make a claim. There are exceptions, so it’s worth contacting our asbestos solicitors to discuss your individual situation. Contact head of asbestos claims, John Hall, on 023 80820526.

  • This depends on the quality of evidence we are able to obtain about asbestos exposure, the need to establish a certain asbestos disease diagnosis, whether or not we need to obtain expert engineering or nursing care evidence, etc. We will always push living mesothelioma cases hard if we are instructed to obtain compensation during the sufferer’s lifetime. It is not unusual for us to settle such a case within three to six months from first instructions – we work hard to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time. Pleural thickening cases generally take between a year and eighteen months to conclude. Lung cancer and asbestosis claims generally require a great deal more evidence so it can take longer to reach a settlement, sometimes up to three years from the start of the case. If you are looking to pursue an asbestos compensation claim, we can help. Contact head of asbestos claims here at Trethowans, John Hall, on 023 80820526.

  • Many asbestos-related diseases can take several decades to develop symptoms and in that time many employers will have ceased to trade. However, as asbestos claims fall under employers’ liability insurance, a claim can still be brought against the company’s insurance provider. Our experienced asbestos solicitors will use their knowledge and expertise to track down the responsible insurance company and ensure that they pay you due compensation.

  • Yes. It is possible to claim on the behalf of a family member who has passed away as a result of an asbestos-related disease, permitted that you have proof of diagnosis and that their time of death was no longer than three years ago. If you are looking to bring an asbestos claim on the behalf of a deceased relative, don’t hesitate to contact our asbestos solicitors today for expert legal advice and guidance.