Family Mediation Services

Our team of professional family mediators are on hand to help you solve family disputes and settle your issues without the stress and expense of a court case.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an important aspect of family law and can be used to settle disputes over money and assets, arrangements for children, property, or whatever is in dispute. Sessions will be led by an impartial mediator whose key aim is to help the parties reach acceptable solutions. However, family mediation can not go ahead unless both parties give their consent and is completely confidential.

Sessions will be led by an impartial mediator whose key aim is to help the parties reach acceptable solutions. Mediators do not make judgements and will listen to both points of view. Mediators will not advise either party but can provide information in relation to the law to help the couple to make informed decisions. Mediation takes place in a neutral setting to put the couple at ease.

Benefits of our mediation service

  • We have trained mediators that will lead your discussions and provide a safe atmosphere for discussion and negotiation.
  • We will assist you with the production of paperwork and we will help you by “reality checking” the proposals to see if they will work in practice and, if required, will be approved by the court.
  • We will prepare clear, accurate documents where necessary to record the terms you have discussed which will be of benefit to you when taking legal advice.
  • Where appropriate we can co-mediate with a family consultant particularly if there are issues surrounding your children.
  • We can also make arrangements for a neutral financial advisor to give information on the impact of financial proposals, especially when dividing up capital and looking at pension provision.

We understand that this is a time of enormous upheaval for the whole family so we strive to work with you to reach long-term solutions which will alleviate stress and hopefully improve communication. To discuss your requirements for mediation, make the most of a 30 minute free consultation with an experienced member of our team at one of our offices in Salisbury, Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth, Winchester and London (by appointment only).

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