It is a common misconception that living together means you will have the same rights as married couples particularly after a certain number of years, when it comes to splitting property and other assets. The term “common law husband and wife” is a myth.

Our specialist cohabitation solicitors are highly experienced in advising clients on all issues Trust and Cohabitation law.

A Cohabitation Agreement is a document you can prepare when moving in together which will set out who gets what if the relationship later breaks down. The agreement can record each parties’ rights and responsibilities in relation to a property, financial arrangements during the relationship including agreement as to the contributions and payment of any rent or bills and what will happen with those on any separation.

If you are living together and not getting married, we can draft a Cohabitation Agreement to safeguard your interests.

If you are planning to buy a house together rather than rent, you will also need a Declaration of Trust in addition to the Cohabitation Agreement to legally record your intentions insofar as ownership of that property is concerned.

Is a Cohabitation Agreement legally binding?

Yes, provided the document has been drafted and executed properly and signed as a Deed.

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Our specialist team of family lawyers can advise unmarried couples in respect of all legal issues including advice on Declarations of Trust, Cohabitation Agreements, and disputes and applications to the Court in respect of the former family home.

We have vast experience in handling sensitive cases with empathy and professionalism. We provide a high level of service to our clients always focused on protecting your interests and achieving a positive outcome.

The team are members of Resolution, which follows a Code of Practice to ensure that your personal circumstances are dealt with in the most dignified and constructive manner.

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