Resolution Together: One Couple One Lawyer Divorce FAQs

Trethowans are one of the few firms in the region that have qualified family law experts that are trained in the Resolution Together model.  This means one lawyer can advise both parties in a divorce.

Can a divorcing couple use the same solicitor in the UK?

Traditionally divorce lawyers have only been able to represent one of the parties due to very restrictive conflict rules that lawyers operate under.   Now, in appropriate circumstances, one lawyer can represent both parties.  This is a much more amicable way to divorce and means the couple can come together to meet with a single lawyer and gain the advice they need to help them reach an agreement on whatever issues they may face.  They divorce more amicably and they divorce together.

What is the Resolution Together model?

Resolution Together gives a separating couple a non-confrontational approach to divorce by allowing them to instruct the same lawyer.  That lawyer would represent both of them and act in the interest of both parties to come up with a mutually beneficial resolution to the issues they face.  This could be the divorce application itself, financial matters and  settling the arrangements for their children.  Once an overall agreement is reached, the divorce lawyer can also draw up and submit all the legal paperwork for the couple so that they end up with something legally binding.

How does Resolution Together work?

Initially, the lawyer would meet with each of you individually.  This is an important stage to make sure the Resolution Together model is suitable for you.  If all agree that it is the best way forward, then a joint meeting will be arranged.

Over a series of joint meetings, the lawyer will work with both parties to achieve an agreement about the issues identified.  During the meetings, information is shared between the parties and the lawyer offers advice to both of them, openly together.  The objective is to agree arrangements that work best for the family.

Is One Couple One Lawyer Divorce right for me?

If you are both keen to try and work together to achieve a solution that works for both of you, then it is likely to be.  Having the same objective is important and that is why there is always an individual initial meeting so all options can be considered.

Our experts will be able to help you figure out if the One Lawyer Divorce is right for you. It does not matter if you know exactly what you want to achieve or you have no idea.  The most important thing is that you want to try and achieve an outcome that works for both of you.

What is the difference between One Lawyer Divorce and Mediation?

In mediation the couple  do meet with the same mediator, who may also be an experienced family lawyer, but the mediator cannot give legal advice and cannot produce the formal documentation needed once you have reached an agreement.  If you are able to reach an agreement in mediation, you would then need to instruct a lawyer also, to advise you along the way and draw up the documentation.

Is One Divorce One Lawyer more expensive than other ways to divorce?

With only one divorce lawyer being employed to act for you both, the legal costs are likely to be less than if two lawyers were instructed.  You share the fees of one lawyer rather than paying for two.  It does not mean that any corners are cut.  You will both still be fully advised, it is just by the same lawyer rather than separate ones.

The idea behind One Divorce One Lawyer is that an amicable agreement is reached.  You therefore don’t need to go through expensive and emotionally challenging court proceedings.

How can I be sure that the lawyer won’t prioritise one of the parties but will act in both our interests?

Our One Divorce One Lawyer practitioners will bring both parties together and work as a team. The lawyer will give specific advice openly at the meetings and provide both parties the tools and the information they need to make the right, informed decisions for them.

For example, there could be more than one way to deal with the issue but, by giving the pros and cons for both sides, as well as providing expert advice on what a court might do in that situation, it enables them to work through the options to establish the best ones for their family.

Can conflicts arise during the negotiations in One Divorce One Lawyer models?

Whilst this model is a way for couples to separate on more amicable terms, it does not make the process exempt to disagreements. If any were to arise, the lawyer would look to reality check the wishes of both parties and establish whether compromises can be made to reach a positive outcome.

In the event that it cannot be resolved, either party can seek a second, independent legal opinion if needed and bring that opinion back to the meeting to discuss together.

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