Trethowans’ Private Client team has a breadth of expertise when it comes to tax.  Our tax planning solicitors can help you by advising you on personal, estate and trust tax planning.

Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax

Our income tax solicitors can review your circumstances to ensure you are utilising all exemptions and allowances available to you. Our tax planning solicitors consider ways in which you can structure your assets or transactions to reduce your tax liabilities.

This could include transferring a rental property into the name of the spouse who pays income tax at a lower rate, transferring assets into joint names to use two capital gains tax allowances instead of one, or assenting properties from executors to beneficiaries prior to sale, to use the beneficiaries’ allowances as well as the estate’s.

Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax Calculations

We can calculate potential tax liabilities whether it be income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. Our work also includes checking that tax calculations provided to HMRC on your behalf are correct. Our tax calculation services are efficient and reliable, helping you to identify areas for tax effective mitigation. Call our team to discuss a review of your current liabilities.

HRMC Tax Form Advice

We can help you navigate different HMRC tax forms and act as your agent to complete them on your behalf. These can include your own personal tax return, a trust tax return or an inheritance tax return for the estate of a loved one who has died.

As experienced tax planning solicitors, we understand that every individual is different; we work not only with the client but also with other specialist advisers such as accountants and financial advisers to find the best solution for each client.

As well as being able to provide expert tax advice, our solicitors pride themselves on looking after the individual and remembering that whilst tax is an important consideration, the client’s other circumstances are important and need to be balanced with tax savings.

Inheritance Tax Mitigation

We regularly consider and advise on post-death variations of estates to efficiently pass assets on to the next generation. Members of the team regularly claim agricultural property relief and business property relief for estates and trusts and we can negotiate on your behalf with HMRC regarding these claims.

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