Ensuring your loved ones receive as much of their inheritance as possible can be complicated – you will need to negotiate the minefield of tax planning. Our specialist inheritance planning solicitors and in-house accountant work together to relieve this stress and help you to find the best solution for planning for your family’s future once you are gone.

We understand that everyone is different, so our inheritance planning solicitors adapt their approach depending on your needs and take the time to fully understand your wishes, so you can be certain you are receiving the best inheritance planning advice available.

Our inheritance planning solicitors help clients to make intelligent tax and trust decisions to ensure the future security of their estate. To learn more about inheritance planning and how we can help you and your family, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0800 2800 421 today.

We are proud to offer a full range of inheritance planning services to ensure your estate is distributed in an efficient and effective way that is in line with the wishes of your Will. Some of the main areas our dedicated inheritance planning solicitors will advise you on include the following:

  • Tax planning – we will review your circumstances to help you utilise all tax exemptions and allowances as well as assess how you can structure assets in order to pass your wealth on in the most tax-efficient way.
  • Trusts – there are various trusts available and are often a useful tool for passing on assets in a way that is both tax-efficient and appropriate for your family. We guide you through the different options and the complex UK tax legislation in order to minimise your liabilities and maximise the reliefs.
  • Financial Products – Our specialist team work with your financial advisor to recommend any appropriate financial products that can help you optimise your inheritance planning. These include life assurance trusts, insurance policies designed to help pay inheritance tax, discounted gift trusts and investing in the alternative investment market to maximise business property relief.
  • Offshore – As experienced inheritance planning solicitors, we understand that assets outside of the UK may be susceptible to tax laws in other jurisdictions. To avoid such legislations as the forced heirship regime or double taxation agreements, we will work with you to advise on the different policies in different countries and your best path forward.

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To get started planning how to make the most of your assets for your family’s inheritance, contact Trethowans’ experienced inheritance planning solicitors in Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury,  Southampton or Winchester today on 0800 2800 421.

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