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Charities Webinar - How to manage a charity through financial distress

How to Manage a Charity through Financial Distress

The charities team at Trethowans are pleased to invite you to a programme of webinars covering a range of legal topics for charity trustees, employees and volunteers.

Charities, just like any other business can be vulnerable to financial distress. Trustees should be alert to the early signs of distress and prepared to adapt decision-making accordingly. 

Trustees must protect the interests of the charity’s creditors, over the interests of its beneficiaries when the charity tips into insolvency.  Trustees should know when to call in help from specialist professional advisors to mitigate further losses to creditors, protect themselves from personal liability and in order to implement (or avoid) a formal insolvency process.

In this webinar, we will cover what Trustees should do to manage the situation. We will also consider when a charity has to enter into a formal insolvency process and the different possible outcomes. 

This free webinar will be hosted on Tuesday 16 April 2024 from 11am – 12pm on Zoom.

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Melia Hirst, Partner, Restructuring & Insolvency team.

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