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What are the first steps in organising mediation?


When you find yourself in difficult family circumstances, the prospect of finding a mediator and entering into the mediation process can feel overwhelming. Our Mediator, Laura Bell, sets out some tips to consider when commencing mediation.

  1. Seek early legal advice. By obtaining advice and support from a solicitor early on, you will have a better understanding of your options. Your solicitor will be able to make recommendations as to trusted mediators who will be able to help you.
  2. Organise an initial appointment with a mediator. This will be an appointment for you to find out more information about the mediation process, and how it can help you. It will also help to provide reassurance that the mediator, and mediation, is the right fit for you. Any joint mediation sessions will follow at a later date. In advance of this initial meeting, you will be asked to complete a Preliminary Information Form, so you can highlight any relevant information to the mediator.
  3. Consider how mediation could be held to make you feel more comfortable. The mediator is likely to ask you if you have a preference as to how mediation sessions should be held – on any particular time or day of the week, whether these should be held in person, remotely or on a shuttle basis. It is helpful to give some thought to that, and for you to discuss that with your solicitor. Mediators have a duty to ensure the parties (and their children) are safeguarded and will want to ensure that you feel as safe and supported in the process as possible.
  4. Organise your financial information. If your mediation sessions are being held to reach a financial settlement, it will be important for the mediator to have an understanding as to your financial circumstances. By starting to make enquiries as to pension values, property values, and so forth, this could save time in the future.

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