Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to get your finances and assets in order to ensure that your family is well provided for after you are gone.

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What is estate planning?

Estate planning is about organising your assets in a tax-efficient way and making arrangements for how they will be managed and distributed after your death. This includes property, stocks, life insurance, debts and any other valuable assets such as cars and paintings. For many, estate planning is about preserving wealth, ensuring children and grandchildren are provided for and/or leaving behind a donation to a charitable cause.

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What is included in estate planning?

Estate planning is about more than just financial arrangements, though that is often a big part of it. It is about giving yourself and your loved one’s peace of mind that the future is well planned and provided for.

The first and most basic step in estate planning is making a Will to outline how you want your estate distributed after your death. However, estate planning goes further than this to include active preparations to help plan for tax obligations and establish wishes, such as guardians of children and funeral arrangements.

Estate planning also includes:

  • Making a Will and naming an executor
  • Setting up trusts to limit estate taxes
  • Succession planning for dependents and business
  • Taking out life insurance, IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Establishing funeral arrangements and wishes
  • Arranging for donation(s) to a charitable cause
  • Overseas estate planning
  • Planning for later life and retirement

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