Statistically agriculture, forestry and fishing collectively are the most dangerous industries in the UK.

Recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows agriculture, forestry and fishing once again has the highest numbers of non-fatal injuries in the workplace.

How Many Farm Accidents Happen a Year?

The agriculture, forestry and fishing sector has a workplace injury rate of 4,100 per 100,000 workers employed, compared to an all-industry average of 1,110 per 100,000.

HSE records show that 123 workers were killed in workplace accidents in 2021/2022 and 22 of those were in agriculture, forestry and fishing

It is well recognised that farming, forestry and fishing by their very nature are hazardous and the industries are working hard to try and make the working environments safer, but the statistics are still alarming.

Farming Accidents where a personal injury claim may arise:

  • Whilst driving tractors or other vehicles
  • Using farm machinery or other equipment
  • Using chemicals
  • Falls from height
  • Lifting and manual handling
  • Slipping or tripping
  • Injuries caused by animals
  • Horse riding

Our solicitors have specialist knowledge of the agriculture industry sector and have acted for many clients who have been involved in various farm accidents or sustained agricultural injuries.

“I am very pleased that Frances Gillett took on my personal injury claim with the help of Katherine Knapman and their team. I am very happy with the conclusion of my case, helping me through this time with patience and understanding.”

Cast Studies and examples of where our specialist personal injury solicitors have assisted:-


  • Frances Gillett dealt with a claim on behalf of a Claimant who was injured when a Defendant driving a truck collided head on with the Claimant’s tractor. The impact of the accident caused the Claimant to be knocked unconscious.  He sustained a mild brain injury, psychological injuries, lacerations, facial injuries and various soft tissue injuries.   The Claimant had input from a case manager and rehabilitation treatment.   The claim settled after the commencement of Court proceedings.   The Claimant was a dairy farmer and as part of his losses was the financial impact of reduced milk yield due to the delayed cutting of first cut grass silage.  Expert in feed and milk yields assisted in the specialist calculations for these type of losses. The claim settled in excess of £300,000 to include compensation for the Claimant’s injuries and reimbursement of financial losses.


  • Frances Gillett acted for a Claimant who was employed as a tree surgeon and during the course of his employment he sustained a severe crush injury to his dominant arm and hand. His thumb was amputated and he underwent extensive reconstructive surgery on his hand.   The Claimant also experienced psychological injuries and underwent treatment.   A settlement was reached after the start of Court proceedings and the Claimant recovered compensation in excess of £700,000.


  • Frances Gillett represented a client who was injured while he was employed as a Beater at a shoot. The shoot trailer our client was sat in became detached from the tractor whilst travelling across a field and it rolled backwards down a hill into a hedge.   As the client was seated in the back of the trailer all the other passengers fell on top of him.  Our client sustained multiple injuries, including dental and orthopaedic injuries.  Frances Gillett engaged with the Defendant’s insurers at an early stage and rehabilitation was arranged which our client found very beneficial.  Medical expert reports were sought from a specialist spinal orthopaedic surgeon and a dental surgeon.  The claim settled before Court proceedings were served.


  • Frances Gillett represented a Claimant who was injured when she was kicked by a horse owned by the Defendant. The Claimant did not know the Defendant’s horse but on the day of the accident they were at a training session together and at the end of the session the Defendant walked her horse in front of the Claimant and the horse kicked the Claimant in her head and chest.   The Claimant suffered a fracture of her clavicle and ribs. The claim was pursued under the Animals Act.  The Defendant’s disputed the case throughout. The Defendant tried to run the defences under Section 5 of the Animals Act but these were robustly and successfully refuted by the Claimant.  The matter then settled prior to Court proceedings being issued.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Employers have a duty of care to all employees. Your employer should have Employers Liability Insurance and the insurers will deal with any claim. Farming accidents still count as an accident at work, and should be treated as such.

  • Your employer cannot dismiss you for bringing a genuine claim.

  • Yes you can bring a personal injury claim if you are self employed and contracted by a larger company or business if they have control over your working environment and have failed to keep your working environment safe then they may be responsible for your accident. This applies if you are part-time or on a zero hours contract.

  • The time period for bringing a compensation claim is 3 years from the date of the accident or incident. You either need to settle your claim or start Court proceedings in that time. This time limit is the same for most personal injury claims.

  • The amount of compensation depends on the severity of your injuries and level of your financial losses. Similarly, if you are the owner of a farming business and are dealing with a workplace injury claim from an employee, we can help.

  • There are various different methods of funding a personal injury claim and this will be discussed with you in detail at the first initial free appointment. We offer no win, no fee claims for rural claims.

  • If you think may have a personal injury claim then please contact our specialist personal injury solicitor, Frances Gillett, on 01722 426956 or submit an enquiry form. We offer a no obligation first initial appointment to discuss your claim.

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