Personal injury claims, and particularly those of a high value which involve catastrophic injuries, cannot simply be dealt with on a production line. We approach claims on a case by case basis and respond to the needs and demands that each claim presents.

Determining liability in catastrophic injury claims

The issue of determining liability is particularly crucial in claims involving serious injuries, as an ongoing dispute can present a real barrier to ensuring that the claimant’s needs are met.

Our initial role is to advise on the defences available, if any, and the realistic prospect of maintaining such arguments. If liability is deemed to fall with the defendant then an early admission can lead to the claimant obtaining early medical intervention which can often prevent the significant escalation in quantum that may otherwise occur.


The Rehabilitation Code sets out an objective to promote the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in the compensation process so that the injured person, as far as possible, makes the best and quickest possible recovery. This objective applies regardless of the severity of the injuries sustained, but is of particular importance where the injuries are complex or severe.

Where liability is accepted, the provision of rehabilitation can be extremely useful, both in terms of the claimant’s recovery period and, ultimately, reducing the value of the claim if the claimant’s recovery is significant.


We recognise that a key aspect of the process is the input of reliable, reputable experts. Accordingly, we can draw on a panel of medico-legal and other experts across the country. In maximum severity cases this may include those dealing with mental capacity issues as well as the need for Periodical Payment Orders.

Cost efficient

Our ability to drive forward high value and complex cases is well proven and our success in doing so is reflected in the settlements that we have achieved.

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