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Acas publishes new guidance on suspending employees from work


Acas has published new guidance on how to approach staff suspensions at work. The two new guidance notes cover disciplinary and grievance-related suspensions and medical suspensions (in relation to dangerous chemicals, lead and radiation).

Why is this important?

Suspension is when an employer requires an employee to temporarily stop carrying out work. Suspension needs to be appropriate to the circumstances and is usually used where an employer needs to carry out an investigation into a serious disciplinary allegation or where it is necessary for medical reasons to help protect an employee’s health and safety.

Employers should consider suspension on a case-by-case basis and ensure the decision is reasonable in all of the circumstances. Suspension should only be used where there are no other alternatives.

The guidance briefly covers what employers need to consider when deciding to suspend an employee, what steps they need to take and what employees should be paid during suspension.

What should you do?

Review the guidance carefully and ensure you are familiar with your obligations under it.

We encourage you to take legal advice before suspending employees, as getting it wrong could open you up to employment tribunal claims. Get in touch here to find out more.

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