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Fixed fee Employee Contract and Handbook Bundle


We are offering a fixed fee Employee Contract and Handbook Bundle, which includes an hour’s consultation with an employment law solicitor to tailor the documentation for your business needs.

Why do I need it?

All workers are entitled to a written statement of particulars from day one of their employment. Not only is this a legal obligation but well drafted employment contracts and policies will ensure that the terms and expectations of the employment relationship are clear from the outset.

All businesses, of all sizes, should ensure that they have adequate documentation in place in order to set out expectations and reduce legal risk.

It is recommended that businesses review their contracts of employment and staff handbooks on an annual basis to reflect current working practices and ensure your business is compliant with current employment law.

What is included?

The bundle includes:

  • a legally compliant employment contract template for junior employees
  • a comprehensive handbook with 25 essential policies and procedures
  •  a 1 hour consultation with one of our employment solicitors to answer any outstanding queries you have and to provide any additional assistance in tailoring the documentation to your business

The Employee Contract and Handbook Bundle has been designed in a format that is easy to understand for both business and employees and in a way that it is quick and easy to tailor before distribution. Essentially, all you will need to do is fill in a few blanks and it’s good to go!

A 1 hour consultation is included within the package to help to ensure you are getting the most out of the documents and to assist with any requirements to tailor the documentation.

How much is it?

There is a one off fixed fee. Please get in touch to find out our current rate.

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If you need a policy that is not included in our Employee Contract and Handbook Bundle, or would like to buy individual policies, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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