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Will your home move coast dangerously into the Christmas break?

Christmas conveyancing

The lead up to Christmas can be exciting but also a stressful time when you are in the process of moving house.

Do I pack the presents? Do I put up the Tree? Where did I put the baubles!

Typically from the 1st of December Some firms can be guilty of ‘taking their foot off the pedal’ in the wind down to Christmas, or will prioritise those with a Christmas ‘deadline’  – leading to a slow coast into a Christmas break and disappointed clients.

If you are hoping for a pre-Christmas exchange or completion it is very important to let your conveyancer know as soon as possible.

Communication is key – make sure your conveyancer and the estate agent are aware that you are expecting a pre- Christmas exchange or completion so that they can prioritise your matter if necessary.

They can establish from the rest of the chain whether or not this is going to be realistic and if not, why not.

Secondly, make sure you are not going to be the cause of any delay – have you actioned your mortgage paperwork, is your survey carried out, have you any paperwork to send back to anyone still

Thirdly, try and get a completion date agreed between everyone in the chain and make sure this is communicated with all conveyancers involved. Having everyone working towards the same goal can really help in making this achievable.

Lastly, check with your conveyancer whether they have a ‘cut off’ for Christmas completions. Most firms will stop completions a few days before breaking up for Christmas so that there are a few days to resolve any last minute or unforeseen delays. Good luck – and Merry Christmas

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