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Conveyancing solicitors’ comparison sites – would you seriously consider this!?

A professional real estate agent is giving house keys to a client during a property sale transaction.

If you visit some websites for solicitor firms, you may notice that some their prices for providing conveyancing services to home movers.

Conveyancing is not a product, but in fact it is a service, and as we all know with any service, it is unique to the supplier and its quality can vary. Dramatically at times.

Every house sale or purchase is unique: the price, type of house, quality of title deeds, searches needed, parties involved in the legal chain, mortgage companies involved, defects made by previous lawyers needing fixing etc.

Property lawyers offer is by definite a unique service. No property lawyer will offer the exact same service. A quality service depends on a number of factors, which in turn, are factored into your lawyer’s fees:

  • Will they offer a unique lawyer to you? Or in fact do you receive someone quite anonymous, and perhaps with very inadequate legal training?
  • Will you find it difficult to reach your lawyer by phone, or do they offer their personal phone number and email address?
  • Will they offer inflexible hours, by closing at lunch and at 5pm?
  • Can they offer pro-active solutions to complex problems or expect someone else to find a way forward?
  • Can your chosen lawyer offer legal advice in other areas of law which impact conveyancing (e.g. Wills, trusts, probate, disputes, family, employment), ultimately providing a well rounded service?

You should discuss your specific requirements with your lawyer to ensure that they understand what is required of them and the additional protections to offer to you. That way you will ensure that you will receive the best possible estimate of costs with no hidden fees. Price comparison websites will not offer that to you.

When conveyancing solicitors can actually speak with potential customers, they can explain how their service will differ from the competition. And there certainly is competition in the marketplace, with property lawyers ranging wildly in quality.

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