Clare is an Associate Solicitor in the Poole Private Client Team. She qualified in September 2019 after completing her Training Contract at another local firm. She has a friendly and compassionate approach.

Clare is experienced at advising clients in relation to Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration including Intestate Estates, application for Probate including Intestate Estates and Inheritance Tax planning and advising.

Clare enjoys Private Client work as she is able to build long and lasting relationship with her clients whilst also helping them through difficult times.

Notable work highlights

  • Clare assists clients in relation to their Wills, in particular clients who require in depth advice regarding their Wills, particularly those that have remarried, have children from other relationship or have vulnerable beneficiaries that require a Trust drafted into the Will.
  • Clare has completed complex Estate Administrations, where Heir Hunters have been involved to identify the Beneficiaries. She had to work out, via the family tree as to each Beneficiaries entitlement under the Intestacy Rules. One particular Estate had over 25 Beneficiaries, all receiving different entitlements under the Intestacy Rules.
  • Clare has claimed Business Property Relief, successfully, for clients along with having to declare gifts that have failed due to the Deceased not surviving seven years from the date of the gift.
  • Clare advises and deals with Estate Administrations for both Estate where there is a valid Will and Estates that fall under the Intestacy Rules. She dealt with one particular Estate where the net value was £2,000,000 and the Residuary Estate had been left to a charitable Trust in the name of the Deceased, which the discretion for the Trustees to choose which charities the Estate passed to. It was rewarding for Clare to see the Trustees pick charities that were close to the Deceased heart.
  • Clare deals with all aspect of Lasting Powers of Attorney, including registering Enduring Powers of Attorney as and when required.

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