Donor Conception

If you are considering becoming a donor or conceiving with the assistance of a donor it is important you ascertain who will be the legal parents of the child conceived.

If you donate your eggs, you will have no legal rights to the child as the person carrying the child will be the legal mother. However, the position is not as simple if you are a sperm donor or you intend to use donated sperm.  When, where and how the sperm is donated are also important considerations and you could find that the donor has legal rights or he has no rights in circumstances where you would like him to.

Our solicitors can help guide you through all complex legal matters concerning donor conception matters.

Sperm Donor Agreements and co-parenting agreements

A Sperm Donor Agreement or Sperm Donor Contract is an agreement between the donor and recipient outlining how the sperm will be used. Entering into a donor agreement is particularly important as it invites the donor and recipient to reflect on all the issues donor arrangements can create and allows you to turn your mind to them before any pregnancy.

Co-parenting is the term increasingly used where single people or couples decide to raise a child together outside of a relationship. You should ensure the appropriate people have parental responsibility and enter into a co-parenting agreement to confirm the arrangements for the child will hopefully avoid future disputes.



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