Buying & Selling at Auction

Buying or selling a house at auction differs from the traditional conveyancing process. Our team of auction conveyancing solicitors can advise you at every step.

Property auctions provide excellent opportunities for both buyers and sellers to snap up a bargain, get rid of a property quickly or sell at a higher price. However, the legal requirements and necessary preparation work is unique and requires the specialist knowledge of an auction conveyancing solicitor.

At Trethowans, we have a team of highly skilled solicitors who specialise in property auctions, working on the behalf of both buyers and sellers. Call 0800 2800 421 today to discuss your requirements.

Buying at auction

One of the biggest differences between buying a property at auction and as a standard purchase is that a binding contract is struck as soon as the hammer falls. This means that, as a buyer, you are obligated to complete the purchase, regardless of whether any checks on the property have been undertaken.

You can pull out, but it will significantly cost you. Therefore, any research of the property in question should be conducted prior to sale to avoid any potentially nasty surprises.

We do not advise turning up to an auction and bidding on a property without prior research. Many properties are put up for auction due to complications that can make them difficult to sell traditionally. For example, the property may be in poor condition that would cost you a significant amount in repairs.

If you are considering buying a property at auction, our team of auction conveyancing solicitors can advise you. We can guide you on the best course of action when it comes to buying at auction and can review property legal packs on your behalf so that you know exactly what you are investing in. Contact our team today on 0800 2800 421.

Selling at auction

Selling property at auction is becoming increasingly common, especially if you want it off your hands quickly. However, you will need to instruct a qualified property solicitor as soon as possible in order to put together a comprehensive pre-auction legal pack.

The legal pack is a collection of documents compiled for the benefit of the auction house and any potential bidders; this is usually displayed on the auction house’s website. Our team of auction conveyancing solicitors can prepare a prompt and very competitively priced legal pack for your property.

If you require assistance finding the right auction house from which to sell your property, then Trethowans can assist with this also. Contact our team today on 0800 2800 421 or fill in our quick contact form to request a callback.


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