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Impact of a ‘good divorce’ on the children of the family


As members of Resolution, we believe in adopting a constructive approach and assisting with matters in a non-confrontational way where possible, always having the best interest of any children at the forefront of any proceedings. National Divorce Week is a campaign to promote this approach.

Every family is different and divorce is no easy process, especially if one party didn’t see it coming. As resolution professionals we can help clients to see a way forward, which in turn helps to prevent unnecessary conflict moving forward. The problems we often see are that parties can be so angry at each other that they are unable to see the detrimental effect this has on their children. Whilst they may not be married forever, they will remain parents.
It is so important that parents try to work together and the buzz phase is to ‘co-parent’. There is lots of research about the effect that an acrimonious divorce can have on children and so it is really important to remain child focused upon separation.

If it feels like this will never happen for your family then there are resources available to help you. For example:

  1. Books for children about divorce
  2. The Cafcass website is an essential reference for parents who are considering or are in the process of separation. There is a wealth of information on the site to help you and your children.
  3. Separated Parenting Information Programmes (otherwise known as the SPIP) this is a course which helps you to understand how to put your child first while you are separating. Each party attends the programme separately and it is free to attend. Details of your local provider can be found here.
  4. Parenting Plan – you can use this template to record the practical decision for the children. This can also be found on the Cafcass website here.
  5. You may wish to seek advice from the child’s school, your GP or a Health Visitor if you or your child are suffering with the separation. These professionals will also be able to signpost you or your children appropriately.
  6. Seek legal advice early, our lawyers offer a Free Initial Consultation so that you can consider your options at the outset.

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