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Cheap conveyancing – dare you risk it?

Why Do Conveyancers Argue Over Taking Out Legal Indemnity Insurance

Just ask yourself, why does the conveyancer have to price their service so cheaply? Desperate for work? Poor reputation, or a low headline rate, but then lots of hidden charges.

Not all conveyancing firms offer the same level of service. Not even close. The range is huge, from seriously impressive, to not fit for purpose.

The problem is, all law firms could halve their fees over night, but gone would be half their level service too – to make the maths work for them.

If you can accept the following, then a cheap price is for you:

  • You are referred to as a case number, not a client.
  • You do not have an actual solicitor firm acting for you
  • You do not have your very own named and qualified lawyer from start to finish – instead multiple people handing different parts, not at all joined up
  • You do not have your lawyer’s personal email and telephone number
  • You do not have your telephone calls or emails returned
  • You always struggle to contact your lawyer
  • Your identification documents are lost in the post
  • On a sale, your money is sent to the wrong bank account
  • On a purchase legal mistakes are made due to an inexperienced conveyancer, causing you a knock on the door as soon as you move in, with something that causes huge upset and loss, and a law suit against your lawyer
  • You are fobbed you off to a website for updates, rather than personally updating you once a week at least
  • Buried charges (which other law firms include as standard in their charge) that dramatically add to your eventual bill such as:
    • Forced ID checking fee
    • Postage and copying
    • Extra charges to repay any mortgages you have
    • Extra charges if your property is unregistered land
    • Extra charges to fill in a stamp duty form
    • Extra charges to act for a mortgage company
    • Extra charges for every enquiry that has to be raised on your purchase

If the above is not acceptable to you, then ensure you ask the right questions of your conveyancer when seeking a conveyancing quote.

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