Employee Ownership and Share Schemes

Incentivisation of employees is key to the development of any business. Whilst this can take many forms, share options or the promise of future equity in a business can help not only to motivate key employees but also to retain them.

If you are considering involving employees in the ownership of your business or looking to incentivise their performance, enhance remuneration packages or you are looking at succession planning, our corporate team can advise on the options and possibilities available to you. Whether you are looking at a general incentive arrangement or one which is bespoke for your business, our experience in this area of the law will help you to implement the best solution for your business.

Our team’s experience include:

  • Advising on an EMI option scheme for an IT company to incentivise key employees following three rounds of seed investment
  • Advising on put and call options as part of a wider corporate transaction where the sellers of the entire issued share capital of an international company rolled-over some of the consideration into shares in the buyer
  • Putting in place growth share schemes to incentivise senior management and future employees, with the objective of developing the activities and growing the profits of the company
  • Advising on an EMI option scheme granted by an Employee Benefit Trust which was put in place as part of a management buy out transaction, where such shares were ringfenced for the benefit of future employees

Why choose Trethowans?

We have expertise in advising on and providing the legal platform for all types of share option scheme, including the most common HMRC approved enterprise management incentive share option schemes (EMIs). We can assist in putting together share option arrangements to meet your needs, whether that be linked to an exit event or purely to the achievement of certain performance targets. We will also work alongside your tax advisers who will be responsible for any valuation and HMRC agreement needed, advising on the tax implications, and registering the scheme (if required) with HMRC.


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